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postheadericon Hitachi M12VC 2-1/4-Horsepower Variable-Speed Router

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Hitachi M12VC 2-1/4-Horsepower Variable-Speed Router

Hitachi M12VC 2-1/4-Horsepower Variable-Speed Router

  • Powered by an 11-amp variable speed motors, ranging from 8,000 to 24,000 RPM with soft start
  • Electronic feedback system allows the bit to maintain the set RPM throughout all cuts
  • Easy-to-use fixed base dials up and down along heavy duty grooves
  • Includes 1 1/4"-collet chuck, 1 23mm wrench, 1 16mm wrench, 1 template guide adapter, and 1 template guide centering adjuster
  • Backed by 5-year warranty

Hitachi M12VC 2-1/4-Horsepower Variable-Speed Router
Hitachi M12VC 2-1/4 Peak HP Variable Speed Fixed Base Router Technology is the common thread behind the Hitachi brand. It's what makes Hitachi products superior in design and durability. From its birth, Hitachi has pioneered innovative technologies that have improved lives around the world. This knowledge is shared across all Hitachi divisions worldwide and is incorporated into applications that benefit many different products. Hitachi M12VC 2-1/4 Peak HP Variable Speed Fixed Base Router Features: 11 Amp motor (2-1/4 Peak Horsepower), for precise, controlled cuts 2-stage motor release clamp, for quick and accurate depth adjustments and base changes Nickel plated motor housing, for smooth depth adjustments Electronic speed control, maintains constant RPMs even as load varies Class leading noise level, only 79.5dB for a quieter workshop Includes Collet Chuck 1/4" Centering Gauge Hex. Bar Wrench 4mm Hex. Socket HD. Bolt M5x10 (10 PCS) Wrench 16mm Wrench 23mm

Hitachi M12VC 2-1/4-Horsepower Variable-Speed Router
The Hitachi M12VC Variable-Speed Fixed-Base Router features a powerful motor and electronic speed control for making smooth cuts in a variety of materials. A welcome addition to any workshop, this precision router features electronic speed control, quiet operation, easy depth adjustments, and more, making it ideal for fine groove cutting, chamfering, window cutting, trimming, shaping, and pattern cutting.

Features of this router include a top-mounted rotation-speed dial and nickel-plated motor housing.

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M12VC Variable-Speed Fixed-Base Router
Tool Specifications

Power Input11 Amps
No-Load Speed8,000-24,000 RPM
Insulation MethodSingle Insulation
No-Load Noise Level79.5 dB
Collect Chuck Capacity1/2" & 1/4"
Depth Adjustment SystemRotate the Motor Pack
Motor Clamp2-Stage Lever
Straight Edge Guide PositionFront
Weight7.3 lbs.
Powerful Motor Operates Quietly
The M12VC's 11 Amp, 2-1/4 peak horsepower motor produces enough speed to cut through hardwoods with ease. Equipped with electronic speed control, the M12VC produces a no-load speed of 8,000-24,000 RPM. This means the router maintains constant RPM even as the load varies, so you'll get precise, controlled cuts in a wide range of materials.

Despite its powerful motor, the M12VC operates quietly. In fact, this router has a class-leading noise level of just 79.5dB, which means you'll get a quiet workshop, reduced vibration, and improved control.

Quick and Easy Depth Adjustments
The M12VC utilizes a two-stage motor release clamp for quick and accurate depth adjustments. The release clamp makes it easy to change from a fixed base to a plunge base (not included). Depth adjustments are also made easy by the nickel-plated motor housing, which also helps to reduce scratches and stains on the tool body.

The M12VC has a collet capacity of 1/2 inch (not included) and 1/4 inch (included).

Ergonomically Designed for Comfort and Control
Like all Hitachi tools, the M12VC is ergonomically designed to enhance comfort and control on the job. To start, this tool weighs only 7.3 pounds, making comfortable enough for freehand routing. Additionally, the handles are wrapped in Elastomer compound to reduce vibration and prevent slippage for ultimate control. For further ease of use, the fixed base offers a smooth work surface for gliding over the workpiece without scratching.

The M12VC is backed by Hitachi's industry-leading five-year warranty.

About Hitachi: A Tradition of Innovation
Hitachi Power Tools (Hitachi Koki USA, Ltd.) provides professional-grade power tools for a variety of applications, including woodwork, metalwork, concrete, drilling, cutting, and fastening. Hitachi is a leader in power tool research and development and has achieved many firsts in the power tool industry. Today, Hitachi continues the tradition of innovation and engineering with new features in addition to classic quality.

What's in the Box
M12VC Router, 1/4-inch collet chuck, centering gauge, 16mm wrench, 23mm wrench, hex bar wrench (4mm), and hex socket HD bolt M5x10 (10 pieces).

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